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Local 13 History

     The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been in Southeast Iowa since 1897. The Local covered inside construction, outside construction, utility, telephone and electrical manufacturing. One of the first large projects that the members of the IBEW worked on was the construction of the Keokuk Hydroelectric Power Plant, Locks and Dam. The plant was completed in 1915 and at the time, the largest hydroelectric plant in the world. Since these early years, the IBEW has been building and maintaining projects throughout Southeast Iowa.

     The IBEW was founded on the principle of safe working practices. Early death rates for electrical construction were upwards to 50% per year. The average working life for a lineman was three years. The IBEW helped improve the conditions on the job by working with the contractors to establish a safer work environment.

     Today, Local 13 represents over 300 construction and maintenance electricians covering thirteen counties in Southeast Iowa. Local 13 along with their signatory contractors jointly manage the benefits and training through our federally regulated trusts. This insures Health & Welfare and pension coverage is provided no mater where an electrician is working.

Apprenticeship and journeyman training allows our members to be the best, most currently trained workforce of electricians in Southeast Iowa.

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History of our Founder
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